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Portrait of Christian
Portrait of Christian

Hi, I’m the author of this blog, Christian Flores-Carignan.

I created this blog to explore the cultural values that impact human life.

My view is that cultural values is the most powerful lens for understanding human behavior on the personal and collective level.

I strive to be a scholar-activist in my life and created this blog with the intention of it being a vehicle for positive social change in society.

My work is focused on understanding the conditions for human fulfillment and on promoting a shift in cultural values toward integrity, ethics, and human fulfillment.

You can read my short manifesto, Human Fulfillment for All, here: http://HumanFulfillmentProject.org

I’m very focused on the impact of educational systems and have a website devoted to reform in this area: http://TheEducationArchitect.com

I’m also active on Twitter. Feel free to follow me.


Thank you for visiting my site : )